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Met-RX meal replacements as good as steroids?

By John LItteral 12-14-22

Back in the mid to late 90’s I had a coworker come up to me and tell me that he has a friend who discovered this protein powder that called Met-RX that was so good that it was like taking steroids without the side effects. Looking back, I laugh at that statement, SORT OF. I remember not long after that conversation I went to GNC to buy a box. I was very curious and excited to try this stuff out!

I brought the box home and opened the package and made a shake with 2 cups of milk with the use of a blender. I was amazed how delicious it tasted! It had absolutely no after taste like most protein drinks that I have ever had. Throughout the years I have always described the taste of those shakes as like drinking a McDonald’s milkshake. Blend the powder with milk and a few ice cubes and it thickens up and it is literally like having the experience of drinking a milkshake initially. But of course, the nutrition is excellent, and you will get great results quickly when you take this product. At least I did.

I began drinking 2 or 3 of the shakes a day for a week or so, excited to see if I would have a steroid-like response. To my amazement my muscles grew noticeably! I vividly remember not long after I started noticing results, I was checking out at the register at a grocery store and a young lady who was the cashier commented on my arms and said that my arms were bigger than her head. This only reenforced my belief that the Met-RX meal replacement shakes were getting the job done for me.


I am no fool and I know most of you reading this article are not either. The Met-RX meal replacement shakes are not comparable to steroids by any means. The noticeable response that I had after drinking those shakes were probably a mixture of a few different things. No doubt that the shakes were giving me the nutrition that my muscles were probably starving for since I was training very intensely while being in a calorie deficiency. Those meal replacement shakes are very digestible, and the absorption is very efficient because the quality of the shakes is top notch. My body was taking in the nutrition of the high-quality protein, and it was fueling my muscles very well. Another possible factor that may have had an impact was that I was probably having a placebo effect. Our brains are much more powerful than what most people understand. My brain was probably telling my body that I was taking steroids and that could have very well given me a nice bump in muscle growth. I was in my late 20’s at the time so I already was at an age where my testosterone was chugging along very well. Do not underestimate the power of the placebo effect because it is scientifically a real thing. The brain is very powerful and the opposite effect like hypochondria is real as well. If you convince yourself that you are sick, then you will get sick by that alone. This is a factor that is very important to remember while trying to get healthier.  

It had been many years, actually over a decade and a half since I bought the Met-RX meal replacements, and I decided to buy some recently. I am almost 50 now, and I have been training hard and even writing a book now. I am trying supplements out and doing experiments so that I can write about the effects. So, I chose to buy the Met-RX meal replacements to see if I get a bump like I did many years ago. And sure enough I can see my body responding like it did before. I have never responded to other meal replacement shakes like I do the Met-RX. It is obviously nothing more than a supplement that provides an excellent source of protein and good nutrition, but my body seems to progress better with it than without it.

I write this article in order to share my good experience with a product. I do not sell this product nor make any money at all by promoting it. I share this so others can decide if they want to try something that works well for me. I also thought the story behind my experience is a humorous one, and I wanted to just share it. Also, I am not the only one in my circle who is responding well to it. My son, who is 25 years old and has been training since he was in high school has informed me that he also has noticed that he is responding very well to it and can already tell a difference. Check it out on the Met-RX website

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