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  • Chest Workout 3-15-23 (Wednesday)

    Today I trained chest by doing my usual compound movements first followed by isolation movements. The key to my training is to hit my muscle groups from all angles in order to get a full muscle development. I have been having more elbow problems on my right elbow. It is an injury that has evolved,…

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  • Shoulder Workout 3-14-23 (Tuesday)

    My shoulder workout was my typical shoulder training, that being compound movements first, and isolation movements after. The key to all my workouts is doing a mixture of compound and isolation movements, and doing various exercises that hit the muscles from all angles and developing a full muscle development. For my first shoulder exercise, I…

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  • Leg Workout 3-13-23 (Monday)

    Leg Workout 3-13-23 (Monday)

    Due to aggravating my lower back from doing heavy deadlifts last week (Thursday 3-9-23), I did not go to the gym this past weekend in order to let the minor injury heal. My training split called for training my legs, and I was not wanting to do squats with that nagging injury in fear of…

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  • Arm Workout 3-10-23 (Friday)

    Today I trained triceps and biceps. I chose to only do three exercises per triceps and biceps, and I focused more on isolation movements rather than compound movements in this arm workout because I can feel my arms have been trained hard so far this week from heavy compound movements that were done during my…

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  • Back Workout 3-9-23 (Thursday)

    After taking a rest day yesterday (Wednesday) due to fatigue from being sleep deprived because of coughing at night from bronchitis, I trained my back. I did a total of four exercises. My back training, as well as other training days in my training split, has been stepped up due to having access to barbells…

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  • Chest Workout 3-7-23 (Tuesday)

    Today I worked chest. Unfortunately, I am unable to do barbell flat and incline presses due to an elbow injury. Every other variation of those pressing movements do not bother my elbow. For the last couple of years, I have been doing the flat bench press and incline bench press with a Smith Machine. But…

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  • Daily Workout Log

    Chest Workout 3-15-23 (Wednesday) Shoulder Workout 3-14-23 (Tuesday) Leg Workout 3-13-23 (Monday) Arm Workout 3-10-23 (Friday) Back Workout 3-9-23 (Thursday) Chest Workout 3-7-23 (Tuesday) Shoulder Workout 3-6-23 (Monday)

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  • Shoulder Workout 3-6-23 (Monday)

    Today I started the week off with a shoulder workout. Sometimes during my training splits, I take a period of time doing my shoulder workouts before doing my chest workouts. The reason is because I want to put more emphasis upon my shoulder development for a period of time. By doing shoulders before chest in…

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    By John Litteral 1/29/23 After writing articles based upon my training split and various training splits for intermediate and advanced lifters, I want to focus on the novice who is starting from square one; or those who have been going to the gym and randomly getting onto various workout equipment without following any kind of…

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    By John Litteral 1-12-23 One of the things that people first learn about when they get into lifting weights is the importance of consuming enough protein. But, if you are new to lifting or are looking to get into this wonderful world of health and fitness and you haven’t been made aware of the importance…

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