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What is non-competetive bodybuilding for?

Non-competitive bodybuilding as a method of training is designed to build muscle and promote great health for a lifetime through resistance training and a healthy eating regimen.

Why Bodybuilding?

What appeals to me the most about bodybuilding is that as I get older, I know for certain that bodybuilding is training that I can sustain for the rest of my life, and it will contribute very significantly to improving my quality of life.

Bodybuilding as a training method.

Bodybuilding is a very eclectic method of training. It draws techniques and philosophies from many different other training methods. Bodybuilding is to the fitness world what MMA (mixed martial arts) is to the martial arts world. MMA draws techniques from many different martial arts and combat sports such as wrestling, boxing, karate, Muay Tai, kickboxing, Jiujitsu, etc., and uses what works and disregards what doesn’t. Bodybuilding draws from disciplines like powerlifting, strength training, Olympic weightlifting, etc.


Anyone (men and women) who is interested in staying healthy, strong, and look and feel their best their entire life will achieve that by training as a bodybuilder. It is the one type of training that if done correctly, will not tear down the body but will keep the body working at its maximum potential. We cannot control the fact that we cannot live forever in these bodies, just as Rocky Balboa said in the movie Creed, “Time takes everybody out. Time is undefeated.” But one thing that we can control is how well we can slow the aging process down, and bodybuilding is the ultimate method of training to do that. The reason is because bodybuilding is eclectic enough and has many tools and techniques to train the body at the right intensity in order to work every single part of the body part with very little, if any, wear and tear as long as exercises are done correctly, and proper nutrition is being carried out.

train like a bodybuilder?

When I say I train like a bodybuilder, that does not mean that I ever trained to be a competitive bodybuilder, but rather I have a routine that is designed for body sculpting, which focuses on building muscles up with an emphasis for a fuller muscle development through a combination of compound and isolation movement exercises. This differs from resistant training routines that mainly focus on power and strength with little regard for isolation movement exercises, such as the sport of powerlifting. Powerlifting is centered around a few lifts with the intentions of lifting as much weight as possible in the most efficient manner as possible for lower repetitions. Bodybuilding is centered around stimulating muscle groups as much as possible with more exercises, sets, and repetitions for maximum growth and definition of muscles. There are other systems of training like Olympic weightlifting, Strength training, CrossFit, plyometrics, kettlebell lifting, calisthenics, etc.

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